How to meet the challenge of a sugar-free life: a daily diary of pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, psychological skirmishes, and tips for us all. This is a diary of “going sugar-free” for the next two years (730 days).

Day 7: Carrot Cake is Sugar Cake

A visitor arrives, presenting us with another excuse for another birthday cake – this time, carrot cake. Carrot cake sounds healthier but in fact there are more than 30 grams of sugar in a slice. That’s more sugar in one slice of carrot cake than the daily “added sugar” maximum for an adult woman (25 grams) and nearly the daily max for an adult man (37.5 grams).
Food Log
Chard, green onions, quinoa, kidney beans, walnuts
Bok choy, red cabbage, flaxseed meal, apples, walnuts
Tip: Just because it has the word “carrot” in its name doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with added sugar.