How to meet the challenge of a sugar-free life: a daily diary of pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, psychological skirmishes, and tips for us all. This is a diary of “going sugar-free” for the next two years (730 days).

Day 8: The Girl Scout Cookies Dilemma

Most of us who were Girl Scouts like to buy GS cookies to support the kids. I’m kind of a thin mint addict so I knew this was danger, but I was feeling bad about just walking by the table. I found out that the Girl Scouts have a program for people like me: I can make a “Gift of Caring” donation, which donates a box of cookies (or however many I buy) to a partner organization serving people in need. Problem solved, and my Day 8 was safe, “8” having nothing to do with eating sugar.

Food Log
Dried figs
Manna multigrain bread
Samplings of a group lunch: 3-bean chili, sweet potato soup, vegetable tart, curried chicken salad sandwich, turkey and avocado sandwich

Satisfy any craving for sweets with your favorite fruit.