How to meet the challenge of a sugar-free life: a daily diary of pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, psychological skirmishes, and tips for us all. This is a diary of “going sugar-free” for the next two years (730 days).

Day 8: Cashew Paradise

I am trying an experiment. Can I buy a container of cashews and only eat a few? In recent months, cashews became a “sugar substitute” for me and were creating such an over-eating problem, I banned them from my diet. Nuts are calorie-dense and fat-dense, best limited to a handful per day.
Food Log
Quinoa, farro, avocado, pistachios, kale
Blue Print cold-pressed juice (various greens)
Baby greens (red and green swiss chard, tat soi, arugula, spinach ), red pearl onions, squash
Tip: If you buy a container of cashews, eat a few and put the container high on a shelf out of reach (or have someone hide it).