How to meet the challenge of a sugar-free life: a daily diary of pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, psychological skirmishes, and tips for us all. This is a diary of “going sugar-free” for the next two years (730 days).

snow and vegetables

Day 15: Snow Day

It is snowing today, a good excuse to stay inside (recovering from a broken femur). I just steamed vegetables for two days of meals, watching the flakes float lazily down outside the kitchen window.
Later: Out into the elements for lite clam chowder and grilled salmon. This time, I verified with the server and kitchen that no sugar was in either.
Food Log
sweet broccoli, red onion, garlic, rainbow carrots, red cabbage
Manna whole grain bread
lite clam chowder (clams, carrots, potatoes)
dinosaur kale
Kit’s organic cashew bar