How to meet the challenge of a sugar-free life: a daily diary of pitfalls, overcoming obstacles, psychological skirmishes, and tips for us all. This is a diary of “going sugar-free” for the next two years (730 days).

cake vs salad

Day 17: Yearning a Living

I was in line to order a skim latte at a favorite place in Cambridge, the 1369 COFFEE HOUSE. A guy in front of me was buying an “Almond Joy: Our house made hot chocolate with almond and coconut. Better than the candy!”
I didn’t walk in the door planning on an Almond Joy hot chocolate, but it WAS a cold wintry day, and I admit I did have a bit of yearning (stayed with the plan).
Food Log
Life Alive’s “home made” almond milk
skim latte
sweet broccoli, red onion, garlic, rainbow carrots, red cabbage
Manna whole grain bread
dinosaur kale
dried apricots
coconut water